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Seol Hyun from F.T. Island’s “Severely” MV confirmed to be a member of FNC’s new girl group



With the news of FNC Entertainment preparing to debut its first girl group, the mysterious girl who was in F.T. Island‘s MV for “Severely” is receiving attention, once again.

The girl, who’s name is Seol Hyun, was nicknamed ‘Lee Hong Ki‘s girl’ due to her lead role as Lee Hong Ki’s love interest in the MV. With her tall height and beautiful looks, Seol Hyun is said to be a former model for school uniforms and a popular ulzzang.

FNC Entertainment confirmed Seol Hyun as an upcoming member stating, “It’s true that Seol Hyun is one of the members for the girl group. We’re planning on opening an official teaser website on July 13th at 2PM (KST), so please anticipate it.”