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Performances from the ’2011 Seoul Tokyo Music Festival’


SBS MTV and Japanese station TBS have teamed up to bring K-Pop fans in Japan a special event called the ‘Seoul Tokyo Music Festival‘!

This music festival took place at the Saitama Super Arena on Christmas Day (December 25th). Artists like 2NE1, KARA, MBLAQ, TEEN TOP, INFINITE, Rainbow, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Dal Shabet, M Street, Seungri, Brown Eyed Girls, ZE:A, and F.T. Island performed for over a thousands fans.

Big Bang‘s Seungri, KARA’s Gyuri and Hara, and F.T. Island’s Hongki ran the show as the MCs.

Check out the performances below!


Seoul Tokyo Music Festival 2011 (Full)