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Lee Hongki shows off his airport fashion


FT Island‘s Lee Hongki recently showed off his casual airport fashion.

In order to film for KBS2TV Chuseok special “Noriko Goes to Seoul“, Lee Hongki left for Japan not too long ago. On the 28th, he returned via Incheon International Airport and showed off his airport fashion.

He sported a graphic T-shirt, a loose pair of shorts, and a pair of clean white sneakers. On top of that, he wore a black cap and wrapped his huge headphones around his neck. Although the ensemble is quite simple, he still looked like a celebrity.

Netizens wrote, “They are simple items but because Lee Hongki is wearing them, they look different”, “His fashion sense is so good so he looks cool in anything”.

The Chuseok special will air on September 10th through KBS2.