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Lee Hongki’s song dedicated to fans is Fat Cat’s new single



Ft. Island member Hongki, recently dedicated a song to fans that has since been revealed as Fat Cat‘s upcoming single.

On his Daum fan cafe, Hongki uploaded a video, singing a ballad track for 30 seconds. In the video, he is confessing his love for his fans. The video has already hit over 250,000 views.

He sang these lyrics, which resembled a message for his fans: “I smiled all day because it felt like a dream. I pinched my cheeks because it felt like a dream… like  a dream. It feels like a dream because you came to me.”

Fans curiously commented, “What’s the title of the song?“, “This is so good“, “It is touching. I love you too, silly“, and “The song is good and so is Hongki“.

Fat Cat’s rep said, Hongki was supporting his hubae. This is really a part of her newest song, to be released later. We are thankful of Hongki for promoting the song by directly uploading the video to his fan cafe.”

What a clever way to release a teaser!



Fat Cat will release her comeback song on the 9th.