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Lee Hong Ki to make his big-screen debut through ‘Our Heaven’



F.T. Island‘s main vocalist, Lee Hong Ki will soon be making his Korean big-screen debut with the feature film, ‘Our Heaven‘.

The vocalist, who displayed his acting chops in previous works such as ‘You’re Beautiful‘ and ‘Noriko Goes to Seoul‘, will be playing the role of ‘Choong Eui’, a famous celebrity with an attitude problem who goes through a change of heart after volunteering at a hospital.

After being branded as a ‘disruption to society’, Choong Eui is forced into volunteer work at the hospital, where he becomes one with the patients, learning to never give up even in the face of death.

“I wanted to make a careful decision regarding my first screen work,” Lee Hong Ki said. “After reading the script for ‘Our Heaven’, I was very moved and decided to take the part.”

‘Our Heaven’ is aiming for release in early 2013.