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Lee Hong Ki confesses about his older ex-girlfriend


On MBC‘s “Quiz That Changes the World“, F.T. Island‘s Lee Hong Ki revealed that he had dated a girl eight years his senior in the past.

When asked what the benefits of dating someone older, “They make you feel at ease. When we met I didn’t feel any sort of pressure, she would buy me meals, come to pick me up from my house and then drop me off again later. One time I lost my MP3 and she bought me a new one the next day.”

Although there are pros to dating someone older, Hong Ki also talked about the cons of such relationships. “When I was twenty and dating someone who was eight years older than me, it seemed like I immediately turned into an adult,” Hong Ki admitted. The more we dated, the more I felt like I needed to hang out with people my age.”

F.T. Island’s Choi Jong Hoon also revealed that he dated a woman six years his senior and confessed that, “Dating someone older was difficult. The switch to hang out with people the same age as me flipped on in my mind.”