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Grab the Look: CNBlue/FT Island’s live “Stand Up” style!




On March 9th, CNBlue and FT Island played for a crowd of 5,000 adoring international fans in Los Angeles at their “STAND UP” concert. I was among the crowd and have brought back some rock ‘n roll looks to include into your wardrobe.

CNBlue overall had a great, balanced look with washed out spring colors and neutrals. Easy going silhouttes in soft, comfortable fabrics play back to their carefree style of music. Any piece of theirs can make hundreds of different outfits and can appeal to a wide range of styles.

FT Island was ready to rock in head to toe black with pops of white and sequins. Slim fitting blazers and tuxedo jackets over low cut v-neck tees create a sexy look. Ending with super tight skinny jeans, they left all the female Primadonnas begging for more.

Overall FT Island and CNBlue put on an amazing show with wardrobe to match. Check out the style tips below and bring that rock show to your closet.