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FT Island successfully wraps up their Japanese tour, ‘RUN! RUN! RUN!’



FT Island who kicked off their ‘FTISLAND Summer Tour 2012~ RUN! RUN! RUN!’ with a show in Fukui, Japan back on June 24th wrapped up the tour with a final performance at the Saitama Super Arena on July 8th.

The boys performed 5 shows in front of a total audience of 60,000 Japanese fans.

The members performed their 7th single “Neverland” along with the songs from their latest album ‘STAY‘ to energize the crowd, and even showcased the special dances they learned specifically for this tour.

During their last performance at the Saitama Super Arena, the FT Islands members remarked, “It’s like a dream come true, being able to perform an independent live show here at the Saitama Super Arena. We are so happy and thankful.”

We were in Korea five years after our debut, plus the four years we were in Japan as an Indie band,” they continued, showing some emotion and tears. “Time sure does fly. We were only able to come this far because of all of you.

FT Island who wrapped up their largest performance to date will be releasing their new Japanese single album ‘TOP SECRET‘ on August 8th.