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FT Island proves to be popular overseas, apologizes to fans in Korea


They say we’re as popular as TVXQ in Eastern Europe.

The 5-manned group FT Island seems to be on cloud nine. Their first official album released in Japan this past month, “Five Treasure Island“, hit the top of the Oricon Chart. With this result, it was the first time in the chart’s 42-year history that a male artist(s) hit number 1 on the weekly chart with their first full album. Even beyond that, their reputation overseas has been growing at quite a rapid pace.

Their rapid popularity increase in recent times was evidenced by the fact that despite their 4 years in the Japanese market, they become number 1 for the first time only now. Recently, their international popularity was felt as fans from far away places such as Mexico and France came to their recent fan signing event in Seoul. They also heard that their fan-base was growing in Hungary and Romania. The group also received an offer to hold a concert in Brazil. It’s an exciting time, with the idea of the K-Pop wave spreading across Asia and reaching over to Europe and the Americas.

However, as their promotions increases more and more overseas, it’s only natural for the hometown fans to feel a bit left out. Their activities in Korea have shrunken tremendously in comparison. FT Island’s release of their mini album ‘Return‘ this past month marked the first time in 10 months where they were allowed them to promote themselves in Korea. Although promoting for only a short period of a month, this was their way of a considerate apology to their fans.

We didn’t do anything in Korea for too long and we’re so apologetic to our fans that are always waiting for us, cheering us on and always wanting the best for us. We’re breaking even the shortest time to spend our little free time with our fans in Korea.



With that said, “Return” captures FT Island’s colors much more vividly than ever before. In the past, their music included other instruments apart from their core band, but this time, the music was composed centrally around the band. The album also listed a fan song composed by the leader, Choi JongHoon titled, “I’m Going to Confess“. This was created in thought of all the fans that waited for them so long, every single member also took part in the vocals to show their gratitude.

Through this promotion, we wanted to show that we’re not forgetting about our fans in Korea. This promotion in the end was something like a sample, but it’s also a promise that we will be back soon.”

FT Island will be concluding their promotions in Korea on the 26th of June and they will start their Japan tour beginning on the 29th for about a month. They’re leaving their brief meeting with their hometown fans behind and flying out once more.

But FT Island promised more bright things for their fans in Korea, stating, “After we’re done with our Japan tour concert, we will be touring Asia, including a concert in Korea.”