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FT Island members regularly buy snacks for their fans



FT Island proved that they were ‘stupidly in love‘ with their fans.

The above photo recently surfaced on various online community sites with the title, ‘The idol stars that went broke after emptying their wallets to buy snacks for the fans that came to see them.’

The netizen who posted the photo seemed to be an avid FT Island fan, and the photo displayed the many things the FT Island members bought for their fans that came to cheer them on.

For every comeback performance, fan meeting, and more, the boys always buy snacks for their fans,” she wrote. “When it’s cold, they buy us warm drinks, when it’s warm out, they offer ice cream and juice. And if the event takes place early in the morning and the fans haven’t eaten yet, they buy pastries and drinks for the fans.”

The boys of FT Island are known for writing sweet things to their fans via their official Twitter pages, and personally going out to greet the fans who could not get tickets to see them perform.

In related news, FT Island recently made a comeback on SBS Inkigayo February 5th with their new song, “Severely” which is ranking high on online music charts.