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FT Island celebrates their 5-year anniversary



Korean pop / rock band FT Island who performed their very first music stage with “Love Sick” through Mnet‘s M! Countdown back on June 7th of 2007 are celebrating their 5th anniversary today.

To commemorate the milestone, lead vocalist Hongki recently wrote via his official Twitter page, “Today is our five-year anniversary… time sure does fly… I guess we are who we are today because of all the different things that have happened. Thank you, and we will continue to work and sing hard. All you Pri(madonna)’s, I love you!!! Let’s go until the day we die.”

Fans congratulated Hongki and the rest of the members by responding, “Congratulations!”, “Fighting!”, “Please continue to keep singing!”, and “You make my life so much better!”

Congratulations on their fifth year anniversary!