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FT Island and SHINee Start Work by sitting on a Cable Car?


Korean Idol Group FT Island lead vocal Lee Hongki, Choi Minhwan and SHINee’s lead vocal Jonghyun and Taemin appeared at “Ngong Ping 360” to film for Korean KBS Channel Youth variety show “Sponge”.

They boarded the crystal cable car which headed for Ngong Ping Market’s Tea shop to receive their mission/challenge. (Their mission was to) pick out the best product among 2 types of “Pu Er” Tea (S/N : A type of Chinese Tea). After that, they went around the vicinity to film which attracted many fans to wait for them.

Both the fans of FT Island and SHINee are awaiting the airing of 'Sponge' as they could see the idols that they like, having fun together, as though they are having a vacation.