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FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki transforms into a traffic police



FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki recently transformed into a traffic police.

On February 22, Lee tweeted, “We just recorded a show! I couldn’t sing very well because my vocal cords had some problem. We are now singing the traffic safety song for SBS’s Inkigayo!”

Then about 30 minutes later, he tweeted pictures with the comment, “I’m a police officer! This club is for performing the song.”

In the pictures, Lee is wearing a police uniform. He is making a cute face while wearing sunglasses and pouting his lips. He looks like he is saying “Be careful” to people while holding a red club.

People responded: “You are cute.” “Is it okay if a police officer is that handsome?” “They way you act looks like you are a gangster.” “You are a bad cop.” “I can’t wait to listen to the song.” “People will believe if you say you are a police.” “Please don’t be sick.” “Take a good care of your throat.”

FT Island is keeping busy with their new album Severely.