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FT Island’s Hongki is studying for his upcoming midterms



FT Island‘s Lee Hongki is focusing all of his attention on studying for his midterms.

The singer who is a Communication & Information major at Kyunghee University recently wrapped up promotions for “Severely” with his group, and is in complete study mode.

Originally a Post-Modern Music Major, Hongki found it difficult to juggle both his busy work schedule and school, but has now transfered and will be devoting himself to his studies for the time being.

If he has his laptop with him, no matter where he happens to be, Hongki reportedly takes advantage of the online classes and can study anywhere.

His fellow label mate, CNBLUE‘s Jung Yonghwa is also a student at the same university, studying Chinese. Yonghwa along with the rest of his CNBLUE members recently returned with their new album ‘EAR FUN‘, but he is consistently listening to online lectures to maintain his grades.

An education representative remarked, “A lot of celebrities who are unable to attend traditional college courses are taking advantage of the provided online courses to continue their education.”