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FT Island’s agency files a lawsuit against cosmetics brand Baviphat for $177,000



FT Island‘s agency FNC Music has filed a damage claim lawsuit against cosmetics brand, Baviphat.

According to FNC, FT Island signed a contract with Baviphat in April to endorse the brand for a fixed period of 6 months in Korea.

But according to the claims it seems Baviphat used the images of FT Island beyond the scope of the contract. Not only has Baviphat used FT Island to endorse their brand of cosmetics in Korea, but allegedly they have also violated FT Island’s portrait rights and used their images to endorse the brand in other parts of Asia.

They also continued to use FT Island’s images to endorse their brand for over a year after their contract came to an end on December 19th.

FNC Music has sued Baviphat for a total of $177,000 ($35,000 per member). “Now that the Hallyu is creating waves across the globe, there are a lot of these instances where corporations violate copyrights and portrait rights,” they said.

We will take action so that no one else becomes victim to this sort of violation,” they continued.