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FT Island, “We ‘severely’ love our fans”



The members of FT Island have once again showered their fans with love.

As they wrapped up promotions for ‘Severely‘ on March 18th at SBS‘s ‘Inkigayo‘, the boys held a fan meeting with approximately 400 fans. FT Island member Choi Jong Hun personally handed out candies, pastries, and drinks to those that attended.

Ever since March 14th (White Day), each of the members took turns handing out various goodies to fans that attended their live broadcast shows. FT Island’s new album ‘Grown Up‘ consists of five tracks that are slow-tempoed, rock-ballads. The group has received positive feedback as the album ranked #1 on various music charts and have won several music programs.

We’re thankful to our fans who have given us lots of love. We also ‘severely’ love our fans,” the members said.