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F.T. Island successfully concludes Thai concert ‘Play! F.T. Island in Bangkok’



F.T. Island has successfully concluded their Thai concert!

On June 9th, the boys performed to a crowd of 4,500 screaming fans for their ‘Play! F.T. Island in Bangkok‘ concert. As it was held just two days after their fifth anniversary, fans had prepared a variety of events to celebrate with the boys.

Their press conference the day before was visited by hundreds of fans to welcome the boys once again. As expected of idols that managed to sell out such a large venue, the boys exhibited perfect stage manner and charisma, captivating the audience immediately.

Once they kicked off with “Will You Be My Girlfriend“, Thai fans held up red paper cut out into hearts and sang along from beginning to end. For their performance of “I Confess“, fans prepared a surprise event for the boys by bringing out yellow paper planes and flying them to the stage. During “Primadonna“, fans touched the boys’ hearts by holding up yellow signs with the phrase ‘F.T. Daebak’ written on them.

F.T. Island will be continuing their Asia tour to Hong Kong in July while simultaneously kicking off their Japanese nationwide tour, ‘F.T. Island Summer Tour 2012 ~RUN!RUN!RUN!~‘.