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F.T. Island performs acoustic versions of Japanese album on Space Shower TV



Via tokyohive:

Fans have already fallen in love with F.T. Island‘s latest Japanese album, but this band is now treating everybody to even more ear candy with new acoustic versions of their music performed live on Japanese television!

During a one-hour special on ‘Space Shower TV‘ that aired on 27/5, the five-member band performed “Stay” from their latest Japanese album ‘20‘, in addition to a few of their earlier Japanese releases, “Flower Rock” (the group’s major debut track), “Soyogi” (from their indie period), and “Venus” (from their sixth single, ‘Distance’).

Furthermore, the show included an exclusive interview and special footage of the band.

These performances prove that F.T. Island has transcended the ‘idol’ status to become complete musicians. Enjoy the four studio lives below!