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F.T. Island has a little too much fun with their new camera app



F.T. Island members Lee Hongki, Jaejin, and Minhwan have come across a rather amusing camera app.

On February 13th, the three band members began to flood Twitter with their selcas, delighting fans with this unexpected treat.

Minhwan was first to tweet, saying things like “Looks like it popped right out of an animation” and “This is me keke~ Cute right?

A few hours later, Hongki tweeted some crazy-looking photos and wrote, “Ah!!!!!! This is so much fun! Gotta make facial expressions like an animation too kekekekeke~ I like I like! Off to Jeju Island.” Later on, he shared a few more photos and apologetically explained, “I’m posting these because they really do look like an animation.

Jaejin was the last to join the fun, but he left a few simple shots along with the notes, “Hello ^^?” and “So scary…

These idol stars are definitely not afraid to show off their goofy sides. Check out some of their crazy pictures below!