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F.T. Island breaks their own record in Japan with ’20 (Twenty)’



F.T. Island recently broke their own record in Japan for the most number of albums sold in the first week with their second Japanese album, ‘20 (Twenty)‘.

On May 16, F.T. Island was beat out by Japanese rock band Mr. Children for the 1st and 2nd spots on the Oricon Daily Album Chart, coming out in 3rd place.

However, F.T. Island was able to break their own record on the Album Sales Chart by selling 41,726 copies in the first week of sales. With 41,726 copies sold, F. T. Island has set a new personal high for album sales in their first week.

The band stated, “The production for this album overlapped with our Korean promotions so we were tight on recording time, but we made sure to stop and interpret every part of the lyrics because it’s important that we deliver the proper emotions.”

The title track, “STAY“, was produced and written by member Jonghun, which added more meaning to the album.

Congratulations, F.T. Island!