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F.T. Island’s ’20′ album release event in Japan is a success



On May 19th and 20th, F.T. Island held a special event in celebration on the release of their second Japanese album, ‘20‘.

Over 10,000 fans attended the event, which was hosted by popular Japanese gagman Koumoto Junichi. After greeting each of their fans prior to their entrance, the members dove into talks about their experiences with the production of the album, like “Stay” being written from the personal experiences of Jonghoon, and “Wanna Go” being the work of Seunghyun and Minhwan.

On the title of the album, Jaejin explained, “The average age of F.T. Island is 20 years old. I feel that this is an album that best expresses the type of music we pursue as a group, which is why we named the album so.”

Hongki added, “The production overlapped with our Korean promotions so we were tight on recording time, but we made sure to stop and interpret every part of the lyrics because it’s so important that we deliver the proper emotions.”

When asked by fans where they would like to visit in Japan should they receive vacation time, Jonghoon answered, “I’d like to visit the zoo or aquarium.” Hongki and Minhwan chose the hot springs, Seunghun the Fuji-Q Highland, and Jaejin, a simple drive in the country side.

As special gifts for their fans, the members treated them to their personal t-shirts, jeans, drum sticks, hats, and glasses.

F.T. Island will be taking off on their summer 2012 tour starting June 24th.