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CNBLUE and FTISLAND will have Europe concert in 2012


FNC Music confirms today that CNBLUE and FTISLAND will be expanding their music career across Europe as they are set to hold a concert in the United Kingdom and France next year. The international opportunity will be made through “M-Live”, a branded concert porduced by CJ E&M, as they aim to bring solo and joint concerts from Korean artists overseas. A representative from CJ E&M also stated that that they plan to introduce not only idol group sbut also various artists to Europe and other countries.



Meanwhile, FNC Music’s CEO was further quoted saying, “ Although there is pressure to extend our career overseas, right into the home of band music, on the other hand, I actually did expect this could happen. When I look at our band seniors, I am confident that Korean band music is not at all behind the world-class standard.”

On the 2nd of November, CJ E&M held a press conference for “M-Live” in Seoul, South Korea which was participated by Cube Entertainment (G.NA, B2ST, 4MINUTE), Star Empire (Z:EA, Jewelry), Amoeba Culture (Dynamic Duo), FNC Music (CNBLUE, FTISLAND), Jungle Entertainment (Drunken Tiger, Leessang) and J-Tune Entertainment (MBLAQ).