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8,000 tickets sell out in 10 minutes for FT Island’s ‘Play! FT Island’



FT Island recently wrapped up a successful solo concert in Taiwan.

On May 26th, FT Island held their ‘Play! FT Island‘ concert. A total of 8,000 tickets were sold out in a mere 10 minutes, indicating FT Island’s strong influence in Asia.

During the event, the boys performed their hit tracks: “I Hope“, “Love Love Love“, “Neverland“, “Confession“, and more. Lucky fans were able to enjoy a fun night as they were serenaded with a total of 20 tracks.

To congratulate FT Island’s fifth anniversary, fans held up placards during their encore performance, surprising the boys who were emotionally overwhelmed by the unexpectation. “We are truly thankful for the passion that Taiwanese fans showed us. We were also very impressed by the surprise event. We always remind ourselves to work harder as repayment for the love received by our fans but, we received much love again at the Taiwan concert. We were so happy”, they said.